Dying is one of the few events in life that is certain to occur, yet one we are not likely to plan for. Should we really spend more time preparing for two weeks away from work than we do our last days on Earth?

This section will help you make decisions for the future by explaining what pre-arrangement is, what is involved, and what options are available.



     The stress of making funeral plans can be emotionally devastating. Most survivors have little knowledge of what final arrangements their loved ones desire, and the expense of financial problems that often creates a financial burden on the family.

     Today, more and more people are planning their funeral arrangements in advance. Pre-arrangement allows you to protect loved ones from additional emotional stress and can eliminate the financial problems that often arise.


What is a PreNeed Plan?

     A PreNeed plan consists of a PreNeed funeral contract outlining the funeral goods and services that you desire and the insurance policy whose benefits are assigned to pay for the funeral in the future.

     Making these decisions in a calm setting leaves no financial surprises for your family. You can guarantee your funeral costs and merchandise at today's prices.


NOW...while you have the time.

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